Company founder Maurice Trapp

knows what it takes to succeed.

Diary of Two Enlightened Men

In 2002, looking for a way to explain some of the principles of succession planning, Maurice hit on the idea of a fictional diary based on a business owner who – through a series of events – is compelled to take stock of his business and his life.

The diary generated more interest than was bargained for . Clients who read it instantly “got it” – seeing that with a modest effort, they could not only multiply the market value of their business substantially, but also create workable pathways to selling it.

Maurice was also aware however that the diary only told one side of the story. This new revised version “Diary of Two Enlightened Men” tells two stories – Jim the business owners’ and that of Bob, his trusty 2IC. While they weave and interconnect with one another they are separate stories that could very easily have ended differently, resulting in neither Jim nor Bob getting what they really wanted.

The last section of the book is where Maurice expands on some of the underlying principles, and attempts to provide you with insights into how his approach to succession planning might apply to your business.

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