Business insurance

Disability Income Protection (Income Cover)

Is a cover for Self-Employed income earners which pays a replacement income benefit either for a fixed period  or until you are well enough to go back to work.

Key Person Cover

Compensates a business in the event of financial loss should a key person suffer a disability, serious illness or death. Both regular monthly benefits and lump sum benefits can by payable.

Share Purchase Cover (Buy and Sell Insurance)

Is a cover for shareholders in a company and pays the value of shareholding in the event of a disability, serious illness or death. Can be extended to cover shareholder loans and current accounts owed to individuals.

Business Overheads Cover

Pays a monthly benefit to reimburse on-going fixed business expenses when you are too sick or hurt to work in your business.

Locum Cover

Pays a monthly income for up to two years to help fund the cost of a replacement, should you become temporarily disabled.

Personal Guarantee Cover

Provides cash to repay or eliminate a personal guarantee, when suffering a disability, serious illness or death, therefore protecting your personal assets that may be at risk.

Group and Employee Benefits

Provides concessional benefits to businesses employing ten or more people, (exceptions may apply) for a range of financial risks and benefits, such as medical insurance, life insurance and disability income protection.