What Is Owner's Insurance?

It’s exciting creating a business and working with your chosen business partners.  Building a successful company takes a huge amount of financial and personal investment.

What happens when death, disability or serious illness occurs to one of the owners in your business?  You may have been lulled into a false sense of security, blissfully unaware about what happens to joint shares should one of you become critically ill or pass away unexpectedly.  Money makes people do funny things so it’s better to be safe than sorry and protect your business from outsiders.

With Owners Insurance you'll have the funds to enable you and other shareholders to purchase shares to help you run your business as normal.

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Share Purchase Insurance provides you with the funds to buy out and purchase shares of co-owners/partners in the event of their death or permanent disability.  This takes away the risk of having to self fund the purchase where in many cases this is just not possible to do.  Your share purchase insurance will cover the cost of buying out those shares.  


A Buy/Sell Agreement is an insurance agreement that at time of death or trauma, the equity that shareholder has in the business, is funded and paid out to a designated trust. You get the protection you need to what is rightfully yours. 


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